For the purpose of contributing to professional development in the financial sector, EFL provides an opportunity for six-month internship program for the fresh graduates from various Higher Learning Institutions. During this program, the interns are facilitated to attend various courses in micro-financing while working at various Departments. Our experience shows that the interns who demonstrate adequate capability are able to find a suitable place for employment within and outside the Company.

To qualify for this program, the fresh graduates are invited to submit their applications and they are called for both written and oral interviews. Once the graduate qualifies he/she is invited to join an intensive orientation program for two weeks. After finishing the orientation, the intern will be placed in a specific Department and given a mentor to coach him/her. Our experience shows that the graduates going through this program acquire a lot of hands-on experience within a period of six months which complements the theoretical knowledge acquired through the school system.


EFL treats its entire staffs with respect,provide opportunities for career growth, ensuring comfortable and professional work environment. An open, friendly, caring, and non hierarchical work culture is maintained at EFL.Each staff acts responsibly and productively all the time.

All staff members are provided with a job induction program and further with on the job training. The new staff is given an opportunity to familiarize himself or herself with the industry organizational profile, roles, our products and services, methodologies and monitoring tools.
We support our staff with further capacity building, programs, and workshops. We deploy staff development initiatives aimed at realizing an individual potential and consequently, maximizing the productivity of our employees and maintaining the least employee attrition rate.

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